Yellow Red Sparks

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Feb 21, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Indie;

Driving down a rain soaked PCH in middle of the night, with a lover or maybe even alone there is few cds I would want playing in my Zune than the new 8 track E.P. from the band Yellow Red Sparks. A band that shows that the stand up bass is not restricted to ska or psychobilly but brings back the bow with a melancholy force with an acoustic sound that very few singers can bring. With lyrics screaming (in a soft voice) of loves lost and even some where given up its quite horrible CD to listen to for the lonely souls out there as it delivers with every track a lugubrious blow straight to all the wrong places. Yellow Red Sparks is not your normal acoustic band, its not just there stand up bass or there clever lyrics it has to be the pain and loved that flows with every cord. The love that is sung in the last track “I’ll make you happy, yes I will, build a house on a hill, tow all the neighbors move them away, will raise the stakes, ill cry if your lonely, ill cough if your sick, ill awake you up with one simple kiss, and you will be reminded of what we were, and what we are is more of what we are before…..ill make you happy, yes I will, if you can pretend that were more than a number in someone’s race, numbers run out, eventually, ill smile if your laughing, ill pray when your not, ill help you climb stars when you cant walk……” how can anyone not connect with such beauty, how can anyone not remember when such emotions echoed through there own body that all they wanted to do was care and love someone else, his hope and wisdom from past spews over the speakers straight to my soul, I have to listen to the song over and over again each time wondering why I do for I know that it will just reopen old wounds and shine a light on things I don’t want them to shine on, but as soon as its over every time I see myself starting it all over, the mellifluent in his voice and cries of PJ’s bass are all to powerful of an addiction for any one being to ignore. Yellow Red Sparks is now added to a small playlist of mine for times where only Elliot Smith, Pedro the Lion, Iron & Wine, and of course Cat power seem to sooth a wounded soul as mine. The E.P. is a collection of amazing live performances, at home random recordings and couple of studio recorded tracks. The saddest thing is that you can’t find this EP anywhere but at a live show, but don’t worry soon there will be a real CD with 6 of the 8 tracks returning and couple new ones all studio performed, but I say don’t wait go to there myspace and find the soonest show enjoy a good night of music and friends, and pick up a CD. Quickly get it before the rain comes back and you see yourself once again driving up and down changing from song to song wishing there was that perfect CD playing…



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