White House Band (Blues)

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jul 18, 2011, by Josh Snider.

July 21st, 2011 you are playing opening for Slum Village at the Knitting Factory, tell me about the gig and how it makes you feel to play with them. I will be directly supporting SV, and its very interesting because I am a huge fan of theirs. I used to listen to their music all the time back when I would try to look for jobs, or at school, etc. Having been listening to Slum Village since you were a kid, did you ever think you would be playing a show with them? I never thought I'd play a gig with them, its still kind of weirding me out a bit. When did you start making music? When I was 14, thats when I heard Jay-z for the first time and because entranced with rapping. I learned how to play alot of instruments and to make beats and started making my own records. I like that the band you play with is always different, it keeps things fresh. Are you looking to eventually lock down steady band members? Eventually, but not now. What other bands seem to influence your music? Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Black Keys, Arcade Fire, etc What song can you not go a day without listening to? 17 by Kings of Leon, and #Wasup! by The White House Band, lol! What song on your iPod is your guilty pleasure that you would be embarrassed to admit you listen to? Nicki Minaj's entire catalog! What sets you apart from other bands? That I work harder and longer than other bands and making myself stand out. What are some accomplishments you would like to have under your belt within the next 5 years? I'd like to be moving into the mainstream, selling alot of records and touring the world! Anything you would like to say to anyone reading this interview? check the website www.thewhitehouseband.net and and stay #dopesauce!!
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