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Written by Josh Snider


Rising alt-folk act Wayfarer has announced plans to release a new EP titled The Albatross We Keep on February 18th. The one-man-band, consisting solely of Nik Piscitello, has debuted the first new song, “Best and Worst,” today, exclusively at Purevolume.com: bit.ly/1nX8WSA.

Wayfarer’s debut track sets the tone for The Albatross We Keep perfectly by capturing Piscitello’s past and present with an intriguing and beautiful amalgam of heartfelt folk and impassioned distortion.

“”Best and Worst” is more than a love song, its an emotional roller coaster in a good way,” Piscitello tells Purevolume.com. “Slowly bringing you in and at the end releasing you.”

Like many before him, Piscitello’s musical journey began in his parents’ garage, when life was just a bit simpler; just a kid screaming his heart out and honing his skills on careless summer afternoons. As time flew by, so did life and an innocence once taken for granted was long gone. Faced with the responsibilities of a young-twenty something, Piscitello rebelled against maturity by forming a hardcore band called Spark of Life.

When that fizzled out, he formed Last Of The Believers with Spark of Life vocalist Steve Jennings and former Rise Against guitarist Chris Chasse. The band went on to release a single EP, Paper Ships Under A Burning Bridge, that led to major label offers, but never went much further.

Fully entangled in adulthood, Piscitello reflected on the music he’d created and the music that he could be creating. A little wiser, more experienced and a family in tow, Piscitello was surrounded by the responsibilities that he spent years screaming against as a younger man. So he responded the only way he knew how, by forming a new band, Wayfarer, but it wasn’t really a band at all. It was the sound of one man trying to make sense of the very adult world he is now placed in.

For Wayfarer’s sop#re EP The Albatross We Keep, Piscitello commissioned producer Doug Grean and enlisted the help of bassist Joe Ginsberg, drummer Ryan Seaman, and backing vocalist Brian Marquis. In spite of itself, The Albatross We Keep isn’t the soundtrack to those summers in the suburbs, thrashing away. It’s a portrait of a man very much trying to come to grips with adulthood, armed with little more than his heart and his songs. Only some things haven’t completely changed. This becomes increasingly apparent at the end of “Best And Worst," a seemingly simple folk song about private hells and California stars that dovetails into a cacophony of emotion and sound.

"My broken heart," Piscitello sings, near the song’s chaotic end, “where’ve you been?" And just like that he’s back in that garage, screaming over everything. Because sometimes, that’s all that you can do.

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