Warped Tour/Pomona

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 29, 2007, by ME.

Well, thankfully it wasn't as hot that day as other warped tours that I've been to. 35 dollars what's with the inflation? Anyways, when I entered I heard the Unseen. I missed like 15 minutes of their set. Like always they play great, it's just their song choices I question from time to time. From what I know they played "Children of a Revolution," "Scream Out" and "Paint it Black." All the other songs I didn't know, but it's ok cause their first two CD's are the best anyways. Then right after that the Adolescents. The crowd really didn't seem all to enthused that these legends were on the Warped Tour. They were probably waiting for some lame crowd catering band. Again I missed half the set, but I did get to hear "Ameoba" and one of my favorites "Kids of the Black Hole." They never really switch it up, but it's always great to hear these songs live. Circle Jerks were that band that filled in for that band that dropped out for that day. That's great cause chances are that band sucked. The Circle Jerks rarely play, but if you've seen them once, you've basically heard their set. They play the same songs, I think in order probably and they end in Black Flag covers. I guess covers even though Keith was in Black Flag. Anyways, the crowd destroyed everything. It's fun to see fans that actually know their punk roots be in the pit still. After the Circle Jerks I had to wait about 3 hours until Pennywise played. In the mean time I checked out some merch, got some food, and I think fell asleep for about 20 mins. I guess when I woke, Pepper was playing. They sound good and I'd probably only see them again if they opened up for a band that I like. 6:00 p.m. camd around and it was about that time. I was just wondering how drunk Jim and Fletcher were on this day. They weren't too drunk, so that means they weren't gonna sound like a mess. They played "Wouldn't it be nice", "Rules", "Straight Ahead", "My Own Way", and of course "Bro Hymn." I know they played good, but I was paying more attention to my lost cell phone. Well at least I wasn't the only one. Oops I think I got the order wrong. I was disappointed with Tiger Army. They sound good, but again the set list. Yeah, they have to support their new CD, but we want to hear their older songs. The highlights of their set were of course "When the Night Comes Down" and "F.T.W." Then the main reason why I am what I am. BAD RELIGION. They opened up with "American Jesus," so I just had to go crowd surfing. It's always great to see Mr. Brett play cause sometimes he's M.I.A. because of his label. They played "I Want to Conquer the World," "God's Love," "Los Angeles is Burning," "Sorrow," "Infected," "Supersonic," "No Control," "Heroes & Martyrs", "Honest Goodbye", "Requiem for Dissent", "Generator", and I think that's it. Awesome!! like always and that concluded my Warped Tour for Pomona. Thanks Johnny Havoc for the shirt and flyers.

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