Vultures United - Dirt Hearts

Written by Matthew M

Vultures United - Dirt Hearts
Posted Jul 17, 2008, by Matthew Montanez.
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Genre: Punk; Rock;
Vulture's United is a punk/hardcore band out of Orange County. Their CD, Dirt Hearts, is 8 tracks full of fast-paced solid punk rock. Of the most interesting elements on the album are the intense guitar leads. The interesting leads are backed by some solid drumming and bass lines. The album does lack some vocal variety however since the vocals on each track sound very similar for the most part. Dirt Hearts was produced by Basement Records and its release date was July 8, 2008.

1. Dirt STICKs
2. Strung up And Swinging
3. California Hearts
4. Bad Seeds
5. Dame Tu Cuerpo
6. Jordan Needs a Life Raft Because His Ship is Sinking
7. Amputees
8. Membership Dues for The Hellfire Club

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