Triple Hex E.P.

Written by Mary Dean


This E.P. is full of raw rock and roll music. I can’t help my feet tapping and body moving to the beat. The vocals are something different from the normal mainstream we usually hear in today’s music. It is not a bad thing. Each instrument is clearly featured and celebrated in each song. The vocals have a very eerie sound to them. In my opinion, it makes the music that much more cool. My personal favorite song is “That Ain’t Enough.” I have been rocking out to that song for a few days. If you are a fan of a 60’s inspired rock and roll, check out this E.P. It will have you dancing around as you getting into the music. And the lyrics will get caught in your head. It is only 6 songs. If this is the music that gets you moving, you’ll be craving for more.

Here is a link for their video for the song “Love Song.” The song gives you an idea musically what their music is like. The lyrics in this song are very repetitive. Their other songs have more depth to them.

Warning, explicit language

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