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TheTokyoBroadcast, EarthFromAbove, BellePorte, OneFinalTranslation
Posted Jul 15, 2007, by Cristal <3.

This show was being put on at Veterans Park in Carson, CA directly on a skate park. This was something I had to see for myself. As the countdown began, a crowd started to form around the skate park. As security started to direct the scene into where skaters grind on rails and do those crazy kick flips, made me a little dissapointed since I thought it'd be MORE of an amazing show to hear great music and watch kids show everyone some cool tricks they've been practicing for who knows how long.

One Final Translation began the show with a rocky start that wasn't their fault at all (thank you Mr. Technition). As this Metal-core band began their second song, they picked up the crowd with their heavy flow of music along side with two stepping. One Final Translation still had a great set and have great music even though they were missing a second vocalist and also second guitarist (interested in joining the band?). What drew me more to this band was that they have a petite female bassist, Yvonne, rocking out and keeping up with the beats. I'd love to see this band perform in an indoor venue. How much more would they rock?

Read my last review? Then you'll remember Belle Porte. This was my second time seeing them play and I must say they keep getting better and better. Belle Porte is made up of a young crowd yet manage to pull off amazing music that could put many signed bands to shame. Lead vocalist, Matt, worked with the crowd and also sang with their group of groupies up in the front. Getting kids to two-step and mosh was an easy task for the guys of Belle Porte. This band makes it look so easy to keep a band together for so long and make spectacular music. Keep a look out on this band for local shows, trust me, this band is really worth a listen.

The kings of mastering the circle pit and two-stepping for the night is a band called Earth From Above. Wow! This was a heavy set compared to all the other bands. The skate park floor had a huge pit when these guys were playing. With two different styles of vocalists, Earth From Above, tore through the city of Carson. Earth From Above had some sick breakdowns and guitar melodies that moved me (if only I wasn't wearing a skirt, totally be in the pit). You know the music that you don't even have to know the words to, the music just takes total control of your body? That's what Earth From Above will do to you.

The finale was the unique and awesome band called The Tokyo Broadcast. Even though their genre didn't fit in very well with the "hardcore scene", they still manage to have a HUGE outcome. With their Techno Pop Rock Reggae music, The Tokyo Broadcast moved the crowd in a different way other then the oh so popular 2-stepping. Their were fans dancing along to their upbeat music. I don't think anyone could resist atleast tapping their foot against the floor with this band. As their set began to come towards an end, they played one of the favorites, "TTB Dance Party". This was the very first time The Tokyo Broadcast played this song live infront of a crowd due to having to bust out a lap top for those amazing beats. There were some parts that were iffy but they still pulled it off and I'm sure if they work on it more and worked it into their set's more they'll grasp ahold of everyone and have them dancing.

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