The Warned

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 17, 2007, by Meesh!.

This CD I was given was really cool to listen to. It has a mix of both clean and some yelling/screaming vocals in the backgrounds of the songs. The band is full of emotion and energy.

The first song titled "Let Me See You Again" has a really interesting intro, probably one of the coolest intros I've ever heard. It sounds exactly like a table saw with phaser-like effect that meshes with it. The song gets heavier with some bass and drums and has a real cool beat to it. The vocals are somewhat high, but also very clean. The drums begin to get faster with a guitar riff in the background as well as a few bends and slides every now and then. The breakdown sounds like a talk about takling in a monotone voice with high clean vocals in the background of it. "Will you be better off?" are some lyrics included in the song. The song ends with a heaver lead guitar lick and ends with the volume fading away with that somewhat phaser effect.

The second track "Answer The Call" has a faster intro that sounds like tapping with fast drumming. It sounds really great and powerful in the beginning and then progresses to a slower beat. Lyrics include, "All day, I sit and wait.." Then a higher sounding guitar piece comes in which is short, and then the song calms down with a relaxing vibe to it. Real nice clean vocals, "Forget the past, there's nothing left." The bass and guitar get heavier and then some screaming/yelling is added into the song, but not much. Then a real soothing guitar part comes in later with some screams at different times, but again, not that much. "Could this be the last time, one more chance." The song is about someone wanting a girl to answer the call but she says in the end, "No, I'm okay." It ends with a fast-paced solo.

The third song "Breathe Out" begins with a real simple intro with some light cymabl tapping and the bass really helps for a nice background. Lyrics include, "Breathe out the confused air so I hold on to these memories.." The song sounds like this person is troubled, like he is really trying to fix his problem and what is going on. He tells himself he is alright and the song ends with a phaser effect slowly fading away.

"As I Lie Awake" is the fourth song that begins right away with vocals and some drumming and easy listening guitar. Then it gets faster sounding like a mix of rock and punk. The person is asking if someone can hear him as he say's someone's name. The mood sounds somewhat upset about something but at the same time really aggressive to making sure something is done. The vocalist whispers, "As I lie awake," and continues with some clean vocals, has a fast-paced solo, and ends. This song overall, is really cool and different.

The fifth song titled "One Way Path" introduces itself with a cool guitar riff that sounds like two notes that have meshed together as one. There is some guitar with a "chug chug" as it hits the thicket string, making it sounds almost metal-like. The song then calms itself down and the music sounds great, almost trance-like and then goes back to how it was before. The vocals again are clean, and really great. Ends with "Were going down this one way path again...One more time we'll find.."and a cool guitar riff and drums ends the song.

The sixth song "Blameless" begins really simple but also really powerful and full of energy. It speeds us with some yelling and clean vocals. It sounds like music you could really mosh to or headbang because of its really interesting and fun guitar riff that goes on throughout the song. Lyrics include "So long, farewell, goodbye, for the last time.." Then there is a breakdown which is really cool and the song ends with again, just great guitar work.

The last song titled "At The Site of The Dead" starts off with a slow, basically just really calm and relaxing intro. There is a chime everynow and then throughout the song in the background. Then when the drums start up and start to get louder, the music does as well. "So much closer to the truth...burry your eyes, run away.." are some lyrics. There's also some really cool powerchords and the song settles down again. The music verse juts sounds great and makes you feel like you are spinning and are being controlled by some force. Atleast thats how it made me feel. The song relaxes itself and he whispers "I believe in us a road..I believe in you.." Then the vocals join together and almost sounds like AFI at one point because all the voices come together as one. The song ends with some screaming in the background. This song overall, was really very different, but also very nice.

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