The Vines Melodia

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 22, 2008, by Meesh!.

Genre: Alternative;
THE VINES MELODIA This entire album contains fourteen tracks with a full time of only a little over thirty minutes, but it's definitely going to be a favorite of all Vines fans I'm sure. This album is also full of lots of beautiful harmonizing and The Vines did such an awesome job on this one.
1. "Get Out"-The beginning of this song already gives you a rush as if you were just spinning around looking on the floor. The chorus is great, full of a great rocking riff. The bridge is just fun and keeps interest for what is come to next. The solo is fun, short, and sweet. Only a two minute and eleven second song, it certainly did itself justice like other great short songs done by The Vines.
2. "Manger"- This intro has a great electrical spark to it. It seems darker at first but the chorus picks up with a happier feel and falls back down to its more interesting sound as in the beginning. This is something you can bang your head to at various points of the song if you are a big Vines fan.
3. "Autumn Shade III" - This song has a nice chord progression and melody. You hear some sort of bird or seagulls in the background. It sounds like a song you'd hear at the beach in my opinion. Just very laid back and relaxing, something to chill to while sitting calmly on a couch, or sitting back with friends. Again, a short but sweet song.
4. "He's A Rocker" - The intro definitely grabs you with a hook and the chorus keeps you a happy listener. To me this is a song that you'd sing along to while blasting it in your car's stereo while driving. Just a fun song if you're in a crazy mood.
5. "Orange Amber"- This song is another one of this album's nicely melodic tracks. Just relaxing with an interesting chord progression. Some "oooh's" and "la la la's" and the words are easy and fun to sing along to. The chorus is really what makes this song.
6. "Jamola"- a fifty-nine second song, but it does justice. This song is just so whacked out but vaguely in proportion with itself. It's short but blast it and you won't regret it.
7. "True As The Night" - This is probably one of the Vine's longest songs they've ever made compared to their usual average of two minute songs. I'd have to say this is my favorite song on the track. It's full of harmonizing vocals and this song is just simply beautiful. The song is just imaginative and I assure you something good will pop into your head, whether it's a nice image or memory. There is a break in the middle of the song so don't even begin to think it's over. I really can't tell you how much I absolutely love this song. It's really a simple song but The Vines did such a nice job on this one. The solo, the chorus, the harmonizing, are all compiled into one to give you a truly beautiful song. Seriously this song changed me. The ending is just full of violins but the ending and the whole song in its entirety is perfect.
8. "Braindead"- This song is is definitely one of my favorite Vines songs, the intro gets you right away and the chorus is even better. The verses have a street feeling to them, like a back alleyway it seems. The chorus is just something to go crazy to, like most Vines songs. You just want to leash out and go out of control. The solo is great to, the feel to it is amazing.
9. "Kara Jayne" - The title seems so similar to their other song Mary Jane, (also a great Vines song). The intro is amazing and the song is something you kick back to with your feet up and your arms folded behind your head and you close your eyes. I really get lost in this song when I listen to it.
10. "Merrygoround" - The beginning of this song you can just already tell it's going to be good if you are a regular Vines fan. The chorus is just awesome and so much fun. You really feel like everything around you is going crazy. Great soloing in this song and this song keeps your interest the whole way through. This is also another track that is fun to sing along to, so do try it out and I'm sure you will love it.
11. "Hey" - This song has somewhat of a rock and roll vibe in it as it starts, but the chorus just brings back that great Vines sound. Craig's vocals are nice in this one as well and though it's not as complex as other Vines songs, it definitely has some oomph to it, so try it on for size.
12. "A Girl I Knew" - Simple fingerpicking sound in the intro and Craig's vocals are just so clear and the harmonizing is beautiful. Really, lots of harmonizing in this song, it's great. This song is kind of sad in a sense. Warning: Do not listen to if you just lost a girlfriend. Seriously I was listening to this when I thought I lost my best friend and it made me cry. Overall this song is amazingly beautiful, definitely another favorite.
13. "Scream" - This song probably has the best intro and first verse when it comes to the harder more uglier sound area compared to all the other tracks on this album. Furthermore, how could we forget a song with hand claps? Those are included for free and the last twenty seconds of this song are just a trip to listen to.
14. "She Is Gone" - The intro of this song is simple, really nice chord progression, it's not my favorite, but I do love it. I really do enjoy the chorus though and the vocals in this one. It's another calm song but has lots of great attributes in it that make it a really nice song. This song is really dreamlike towards the end and you kind of get lost in it like you are daydreaming or floating. That's how it felt to me. I change my mind it's one of my favorites too. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to any every day Vines fan. It has hard songs, it has slow songs, and it has fast songs. Some just sound so dark and evil and some just are so beautiful and simple and leave you feeling exceptionally calm. If you don't have this album, please, let me buy it FOR you.

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