The Riot

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Posted Jul 25, 2009, by Mc Monte Carlo.

Genre: Indie;
Hey guys hows everything going?

Couldn't be better!

So, your name The Riot, where did you get that from?

It actually came from our lead singer/songwriters solo project, Ryan Riot. The band was formed in order to play those songs live.

We have a lot of readers from all over the world and i am sure a lot of them would like to know how is the music scene in P.A.?

The music scene here in Pennsylvania is actually really cool; lots of bands spanning many genres. We end up playing some shows with metal and hardcore bands and usually the crowd is accepting of all types of music and are just there to support the local scene and enjoy the music.

What are some of your shows comming up?

We've managed to share the bill with some incredible bands over the past year such as Four Year Strong, Every Avenue, Forever the Sickest Kids and We the Kings. Our next show is with Madina Lake and the Sleeping. We have a couple all day festivals, some acoustic sets and Warped Tour coming up in the next few months.

I saw one of your shows is going to be in Hot Topic, an acoustic set, That sounds pretty kool, is that for a record release?

The show you saw posted was one of four acoustic sets we have lined up at four different stores presented by Hot Topic. We are planning an acoustic set at the Lanscaster PA Hot Topic once the new album is completed for the CD release in August. We enjoy playing acoustic because it gives us a chance to be more intimate with our fans.

What were some of your guys favorite bands growing up?

Our backgrounds in music are all pretty diverse. Bands that influenced us range from Jaw Breaker and Bad Religion to Slayer, Wu-Tang Clan and Blink 182.

And what are some of your favorite bands today?

The only band we all agree on is Jimmy eat World and we've been fans of theirs for years. Aside from that recently we've been listening to A Day to Remember, The Used, The Maine and Unearth.

I noticed You guys have a few sponsors, how did you get them and how is that working out for you?

Well most of them contacted us on our myspace or through email. We are able to get discounts on certain items like strings or drums; definately nice to have that kind of support when most of everything we do is DIY and on a tight budget. Plus, free tee shirts are always cool.

What can we look foword to seeing from you guys in the nier future?

The big news is our CD, 'Sitting Duck Syndrome' that will be out August of this year. Also we will be doing some small east coast tours before the end of the year so look for us in a city near you.

Anything that you would like to say to your fans on this interview?

Hit us up at, don't forget to floss everyday!
Thanks for all the support. We love and appreciate you.



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