The Redd (Hip-Hop)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Redd (Wuli Records)
Posted Nov 21, 2011.

I love underground hip hop and it seems like you have a lot of drive and self motivation, were you always like that was or was it something that has grown with your music?

I've always love the underground hip-hop scene. There is a lot more work involved than I would have ever imagined to put out a full length album. Much respect to Louis Svitek and the WuLi Record camp.

Everyone has bad days, but what keeps you going... keeps you motivated?

The three things that keep me going are my two children: Ashley and Destiny and Jesus Christ, my lord and savior.

What would you say if you could meet yourself as a 10-year-old kid?

I would have to tell myself to stay focused and on your path. It will get greater later.

What single artist has influenced your music the most?

Tupak Shakur, enough said.

What artist would you go on tour with right now? (dead or alive)

Tupak Shakur and Lil Wayne know/knew how to do it big. I could learn alot from them.

Who is in the scene that doesn't get much respect, but is on the rise?

Rotimi. He was featured on my single "Get Naked". Mark my word, he is the biggest and brightest up and comer in the entertainment industry. Not only is he a recording artist, he has a recurring role on the show BOSS in it's first season on Starz.

One single act of kindness can go along way, what things do you do on the daily that set you apart?

I always give 100% to whatever I am working on. I don't have to cheat you to beat you.

How did it all start? Where you in front of a mirror, at a party? What made you want to record and start rapping for people to hear you?

I was at a house party and there was an open microphone, I started rapping and realized that I was pretty good at it. The rest came naturally.

How was it growing up in Chicago?

Growing up on the west side of Chicago was, as expected, rough as hell. The game was cold but fair.

Do have anything you would like to say to people reading this interview?

Yes I do! Please believe in every line that I spit, it's heart felt. I will never cheat my fans with bubble gum raps.



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