The Outtrap

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Outtrap
Posted Jan 3, 2008.

What are your names and what do you guys play in the band?

Luke Hogfoss: Vocals, bass
Steven Walker: Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Brandon Jones: Drums, Vocals

What is your website and myspace website?

Where are you guys from and how is the music scene there?

We are initially from Beaufort, South Carolina, but moved to Charleston for school. We’ve played the majority of our shows in Charleston because the scene in Beaufort is basically nonexistent. The scene in Charleston is interesting - a lot of it is hardcore influenced, so we had trouble finding our niche at first, but the fans and promoters have been really supportive. It’s been a really great experience.

How do you like working with Code Blue Media?

Code Blue is awesome! They really work hard to hook unsigned artists up with everything they can to get their music out there. It’s tough because agents and promoters are weary about taking on unsigned acts, so it’s hard for venues and fans to take you seriously. On top of that, it’s not cheap putting out recordings and touring. Code Blue offers a lot of great deals that facilitate the whole process. It’s really a great thing Nick has going over there!

Do you guys have any shows coming up?

Right now we’re taking some time off until January to record. We put out an EP earlier this year, but it was really low budget and we want to release something that we are really proud of putting our name on. The material we have been writing lately has truly been what we aimed for from the start, so we’re eager to get it out there. Plus, with the aid of Code Blue, we can probably get it packaged and ready to go in a more professional manner. It should be out early next Spring!

how does it feel to be sponsored by SJC drums and Knucklehead strings?

The SJC sponsorship happened on accident actually! Brandon sent out a press kit because he loved their stuff [but] really didn’t expect to hear back. They got back to him the next day and hooked him up with an awesome kit. Knucklehead found us through myspace and just digged out material and offered a deal. It was funny because it all happened on the same day! Growing up and playing along to sponsored artists, it’s pretty awesome to get our own endorsements. Living the dream I guess, ha.

Where do you guys come up with your lyrics for your music?

Luke writes all of our lyrics and he tends to be pretty “mysterious” in his process. Lyrics tend to be something he does in isolation from us, so I guess the material tends to be really personal. There really isn’t one place that inspiration draws from.

What are some of your guy's favorite bands when your were growing up and what band influences your band the most?

Growing up our influences are so incredibly different. It’s everything from Radiohead to the Pixies, to Bright Eyes, to Neutral Milk Hotel, to Bloc Party, to Manchester Orchestra. We have trouble pinpointing our sound, but most commonly we hear a mix between Brand New, the Cure, Bright Eyes, and Colour Revolt. ALL great bands, so no complaints here! My first real interaction with music on a personal level was when I got a Whitney Houston CD free with a kids meal for McDonalds when I was a lot younger: "What's Love Got To Do With It." Luckily I found some better music.

What age were you guys when you first got introduced to music and how did you go from there to making music and becoming a band?

We’ve all been doing this since we were so young it’s hard to tell. Luke and Steve have been playing together forever, but I (Brandon) am a lot older than them and actually ended up jamming with them because I heard their material online; the band started from there. Honestly, music has been a huge part of our lives for as long as we can remember.

Do you guys claim a religion and does that effect your music?

We all come from extremely varied backgrounds. Our influence stems from all sorts of places, but we definitely do not limit it to one outlet.

Anything that you guys would like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Thanks so much for listening and stay tuned for our (as of now unnamed) EP that will be out in the Spring!

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?

Big Smile rocks! Anyone who will get out there and support struggling artists is OK in my book! Thanks so much!

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