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Posted Jul 26, 2010, by Jesus Rangel.
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Many people within the Hip-Hop community have been questioning the credibility of the rappers that came in after the year 2000. Just to name a few; Soulja Boy, how did he contribute to Hip-Hop and music in general? GS Boys and their ridiculous single "Stanky Leg". I feel like these artists are lowering the standards of music. People will buy anything off the shelves these days. A year ago artists like Colby O' Donis were number 1 on the Billboard Charts but where is he now; I like to call this this the era of Hip-Hop the One Hit Wonder Generation. Why? Well lets put it simple most songs we hear on hip-hop stations will be forgotten within the next year or so. A few songs that are hot right now and have been within the last months have been Teach Me How to Dougie - Cali Swag District, Toot it & Boot it - YG, and a few years ago Vans - The Pack, This Is Why I'm Hot - MIMS; what has happened to those artists? Only a few artists in todays new music era have been able to get by and not be tagged as a one hit wonder and I would like to say that they are lucky.

But while people are listening to that music I have a very good feeling that this artist, J. Cole who has recently hit the spotlight with his single Lights Please off his The Warm Up Mixtape (also the song that got him signed to Roc Nation; Jay-Z's record label) and Who Dat off his upcoming album that is due October 26, 2010 according to an interview on Fuse's Hip-Hop Shop. I believe he has the skills and talent necessary to survive during these times where tons of artists are just one hit wonders. First of all, he is signed by Rapper and Mogul, Jay-Z who also features Cole in his 2009 release Blueprint (interview). I do not think that Jay-Z would just sign someone that only has the potential of becoming a one hit wonder. Second of all he is his own producer according to him it is all to his advantage because "Nobody is going to know your sound better as a rapper, Nobody is going to know your sound better than you." Who knows, we can have another Kanye West; producing and writing his own lyrics (Minus the Huge Ego Please.) This is only going to help his style and make it unique. The reason why I say this is many artists out there rely on different producers to make their music and as we all know every producer has their style but in J. Cole's case he produces the majority of music.

Lyrically J. Cole is on another level; he is the fine line between mainstream Hip-Hop and as people like to call Real Hip-Hop. I've also been reading that people say he has the NY/East Coast style to his music and it is probably because the influences he mentioned on Fuse's Hip-Hop Shop were all from New York; The Fugees & Nas. He is also not shallow like many rappers in the game today rapping about their lavish life's and how many Girlfriends and cars they have. All I have to say is listen to his music.

As of late last year he has been receiving a decent amount of radio play with his single Lights Please, Who Dat, and recently he has been featured on Miguels song All I Want. So for now we just wait in suspense what this artist will bring to the table this year with his Debut album which is going to be released on October 26, 2010 (Hopefully No Pushbacks) Included are his two Mix-tapes that he has released to date The Come Up & The Warm Up.

The Come Up (Mixtape)

The Warm Up (Mixtape)

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