The New West Coast: Ya Boy, Nipsey Hussle, and Jay

Written by Big Smile Staff

The New West Coast: Ya Boy, Nipsey Hussle, and Jay Rock
Posted Aug 26, 2010, by ME.


Featured Artists: Jay Rock; Nipsey Hussle; Ya Boy; Genre: Hip Hop;
The west coast is always brewing with new talent ready to break through. The possibilities are endless in the record business if you make it, but also this game can eat you alive if you are weak. Only the strong survive out here and three of the strongest out of the west coast are Ya Boy, Nipsey Hussle, and Jay Rock. They are definitely two of the west coasts shining stars.

Ya Boy is an up and coming Bay Area rapper. When I first heard Ya Boy it was 2007 and at the time all my friends were talking about him. So one day I decided to make a mix of his songs and I played that mix for weeks straight. I still play that mix to this day. Ya Boy is the type of rapper that can rhyme over any beat you put in front of him. I mean any beat. He even rapped over Ke$has “Tik Tok,” not my favorite. Already The Sources Unsigned Hype and with multiple mix tapes out, his diversity in musical style is the trait that is going to bring him into the limelight. Ya Boy can take you from turf to the club in a heartbeat. Ya Boys singles “We Run LA” and “Party Girls” are getting airplay on LA’s major radio stations and “Party Girls” played in an episode of Girls Club. Ya Boy is making a name for himself and don’t sleep on him because he can rhyme for days. Maybe that’s what Akon saw when he signed Ya Boy to Konvict Music.

With his new single “Feelin’ Myself,” Nipsey Hussle seems to be South Centrals new shining star. I think Nipsey Hussle is one of the best gangster rappers to come out in a couple of years. His style is smooth, laid back and when you here Nipseys music you know there is no fabrication to his lyrics. Everything is real and everything is from the heart and that’s why he was one of XXLs top ten freshmen. Nipsey may not get much airplay but I know he has the respect of everyone at the radio station. Already with various mix tapes and street singles out, Nipsey is ready to take LA by storm with his debut album “South Central State of Mind” coming out on Epic Records later this year.

Another gangster rapper coming from LA is Jay Rock. Representing Watts and the Nickerson Gardens, Jay Rock always comes with the real type flows that everyone can feel. As far as music genres go, Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock are one in the same, but I think Jay Rock is a little more brazen when he delivers his lyrics. Also one of XXLs top ten freshmen, but his accomplishments don’t start there, “All my Life” was a hot street single, he has multiple mix tapes out, a debut album coming out later this year, and he is signed to Warner Bros. Again Jay Rock doesn’t get much radio play, but the streets definitely have his back.

These rappers should have more radio play. Maybe the public isn’t ready to deal with the reality these rappers are spittin’. If you don’t know bout these three rappers, I suggest you Youtube or Google them, and watch out because they’re coming.

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