The MOBBN DEEP Movie Review

Written by sketchydave

Title:The MOBBN DEEP Video
Produced/Created by: Stuart Fogarty
Camera:Sony VX 1000
Run Time: 52:29

mobbin-deep-skate-video-340x200.jpg (image credit to
If you are looking for some raw street skating, and no company gimmicks then I've got a video for you . The MOBBN DEEP Video from the streets of Australia will hit you with 52 minutes of raw street skating at It's finest . Even though various skaters in this movie have multiple sponsor's you wouldn't know other then by the board they ride or the clothes they wear in the video. MOBBN DEEP seems to capture a back to raw skating basics that the skate scene has been missing lately. Even the camera used to film is a throwback . You'll get to experience what skateboarding was like before HD video's .

One thing you have to remember while watching this video is that even though it's very back to basics and raw that won't reflect the difficulty and tech aspects of the tricks being thrown down in this video. From Start to finish the spot's are demolished by some amazing Aussie skaters. You will catch a glimpse of the street spots all over Australia .

MOBBN DEEP will also provide you with a variety of music that you'll have to watch the video the whole way through to fully experience. The intro is heavier rap, but by the end of the video you've crossed over several genres in your musical experience of this video. I hope you enjoyed the review . Keep Riding on, and Rocking out to the beat of your own personality ! .

Featured skaters; Tommy Fynn, Alex Lawton, Dennis Durrant, Adam Dawes, Pat Gemzik George Newsholme, Adam Davies, Rob Kenworthy, Jake Hayes, Nathan Northey, Steven Jeffers, Phillip Marshall, Mitch Cunningham, Harry Clark, Quayde Baker

Track List (Coming Soon)

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