The Matches - Decomposer

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Epitaph Records)
For a band that claimed to "Stretch The Boundaries of Rock Music" with their second Epitaph Records album "Decomposer," The Matches seem to have missed the mark a little bit with such a bold statement. Although still retaining many of their catchy hooks and sugary choruses, it may be an album that Matches fans may have to listen to a couple of times before it "grows on them." For people that aren't familiar with the band, however, it may seem they got a little too big for their britches and attempted something a little out of their league with "Decomposer." Fusing together elements of music from all over the underground spectrum, including electronica, breakbeats, and guitar heavy arena rock it may sound like The Matches attempted something more ambitious than they were ready for. All that said there are still several shining spots on this record, especially the vocals, which resound with their own special unique energy and blend well with the tight harmonies of the music.


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