The Lyrics Game (Indie/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Lyrics Game
Posted Mar 5, 2009.

1) How are you today?
Feeling like we're about to come out of a tunnel and see the sun for the first time in half a year!

2) Who all is in The Lyrics Game?
Brittany's on vocals, Dan on Guitar, Matt plays Bass, Brandon slams the drums, and Chris rocks the cello. We're still taking applications for any other instruments that provide us with "Mystique."

3) You are coming out with a debut CD soon, what is the title?
After much debate (and an online poll hosted by you guys at BigSmile) we decided on "Home Edition." For some reason, we are far too often reliant on the opinions of others.

4) You guys haven't played a show in a little while because of recording.
Now that you're back, should we expect anything different when we see you live?
The pent up frustrations of a band that loves to play live and hasn't in
almost six months. But we spent a lot of time prepping songs for the studio, making sure every moment of every song is perfect. That's something we're trying to apply to playing the songs live, too.

5) Could you tell us a little about it? How long it took, where you recorded, how many songs?
We recorded five songs in about 50 hours, spread over a month at a place called Small City Studios, in Santa Fe Springs. That seems like plenty of time, but for us it was a grueling as hell process. But it was also some of the most fun we've ever had.

6) Where can we get a copy?
On January 23rd, we're having our CD release show over at Chain Reaction. We're headlining, which is another first for us, and we're really excited. You'll also be able to find it at CDbaby and on iTunes, and probably a select few local record stores that are cool enough.

7) What would you say is some of your biggest influences for TLG?
There's five of us, so I'm going to throw out five bands, and leave it to your imagination which member they go with. Lagwagon, The Get Up Kids, Counting Crows, Live, and Apocalyptica.

8) What were some of your favorite bands growing up and I want to know about the Nsync and New Kids on the Block obsessions...
As a guilty admission, Weird Al. I will still drop what I'm doing for this man. He's literally that great to me.

9) Were any of you in any other bands before The Lyrics Game?
Nothing that accounted for much. Chris was in an alternative rock band called Six Hour Ride that tried to do things very professionally, and then split up. Brandon, Matt, and Dan were in a band called Saving Gracie that ended with pretty much nothing to show for it other than an interview with BigSmile.

10) Any tours for The Lyrics Game in the near future?
July looks like a possibility for us. We'd like to go all the way up the coast and back, hit up Frisco. Maybe a ten day stint. We'll see. If anyone writes in volunteering to roadie, let us know.

11) What are some of your upcoming shows?
We've got the month of January covered. We're playing a free show at
Clancy's in Long Beach on 1/18, our CD Release show at Chain Reaction on 1/23, and we're hitting the Blue Cafe in Huntington on 1/30. Rock and Roll.

12) Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
For over a year, since the first show (which BigSmile sponsored!) , people have been asking "When are you guys making a record?" Well, the answer to that question is "Now."

13) Who's your favorite online music magazine?
There's only one magazine that keeps me updated on everything
thats going on with The Lyrics Game, and that's BigSmileMagazine.

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