The Jakes

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Posted May 13, 2008, by Meesh!.

Genre: Rock;
What is your myspace link or any other link you want to give us?, also live videos at

Who are you and where are you all from?

We are Sameer, Jake, Eric, Ehson, Francois, and Jason. We are all from Irvine except Jason who is from Mission Viejo. Both are in California

How was your band formed?

Sameer, Jake, and Ehson, plus two other friends formed it about three and a half years ago. It was just a fun side-project band from the emo bands we were in. Soon we left and made the Jakes a permanent band, since we were beating our other groups in battles of the bands.

What band has influenced you the most?

The Beatles

What do you try to have people get out of your music?

The shivers. We want them to feel good.

What inspires your lyrics? What are they all about?

They all range from different things and they certainly do not all have to do with romance. "Paid the Piper" is about the extortion and corruption of organized religion; "Cough Syrup" is about Epiphanies and going after your dreams. Every song is different and the moods all arise from the chord progressions natively and cohesively.

Any venue or area that is your dream to play at?


What makes you different from other bands out there?

We're good.

Have a CD? If so how can we get it?

You can get our old CD at iTunes and other digital stores. New CD will be out this summmer.

If you could give advice to a starting band or musician, what would you say?

Make music that you love, and make music with people that you want to make music with. It's all for you in the end.

What do you guys like to do on the road?

Get in crazy adventures and laugh.

What do you think about UFOs?

They exist.

What are your views on the war going on today?

Our views are obstructed by the media, like yours.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?

Coldplay, the Beatles, the Strokes, Keane, Kings of Convenience, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, Interpol, Nick Drake, Rilo Kiley, etc.

Describe your band in one word?


Anything else you want to say to fans or anyone reading this interview?

Live a sustainable life.

Many thanks to The Jakes!

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