The Belts - EP

Written by Mary Dean

Posted Feb 20, 2009, by Mary Dean.


As I sit here in my kitchen, my stereo blasting, The Belts raw, rough, real punk rock music fills my whole apartment. When they say "Ep" they aren't kidding. This 5 song CD is so roughly recorded that I can hear the feedback go in one ear & out the other. But it doesn't bother me at all. I am just so stoked on this music. The Belts are what a garage punk rock band should sound like. This EP wasn't recorded in some large studio where each track was altered. This EP was recorded by the band. I feel like I am at a practice. Wait. Scratch that. I feel like I am at their show. Not only do I love the raw edge of their music, but I also love how it takes me back to being 15 listening to the famous Minor Threat Demo. I swear pretty soon someone is going to sing, "No we're not the first. And we're not the last." This EP does what an EP is supposed to do. It give the listener a taste. It leaves their ears screaming for more.

If you haven't heard this EP yet, visit them online at: TheBelts. Be prepared to hear a band that sounds like on Cd what they would on stage. This EP is rough. It is nowhere near clean. But the music is awesome. The music is real. Any punk fan will fall into it.

And if there's ringing in your ears, don't worry, that's normal.

Peace & Love

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