The Adicts | D.I. | Bang Sugar Bang | the Diffs

Written by Big Smile Staff

The Adicts | D.I. | Bang Sugar Bang | the Diffs @ the Knitting Factory
Posted Apr 12, 2007, by ME.

First off, let me say that the Adicts are one of the best punk bands playing today. When I walked in the Diffs were playing. I swore it was Darby while I was walking through the entrance. I wouldn't pay to see them. They basically took DK, Germs, and X and molded it into the Diffs. After the Diffs, Bang Sugar Bang took the stage. I was upstairs sitting and they have a good sound, but their lyrics are just not me. This was like my fourth time seeing them and they're still catchy. As I went downstairs for D.I., I looked around and of course for an Adicts show there are kids running around being dumb. There were some adults, but mostly High School kids. D.I. played the usuals like always i.e. (Prison Riot, OC is burning, and Guns). But hey! Who doesn’t like Riots and Guns. The crowd seemed to be into them, so that made me think about how the crowd was going to be for the Adicts. The lights dimmed and the Adicts hit the stage. All except for monkey. They didn’t start off with the usual Clockwork intro or with “Viva La Revolution.” This was odd. They switched up the set, which was awesome. They played smart Alex, my favorite Songs of Praise, Distortion, and Angel. They played awesome as always. They came back with an encore with confetti, blow up balls, and playing cards. All in all, it was a good night for punk rock. I will see them when they come back around, hope you do too.

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