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The Actual, Everybody Else, Over It, Self Against City, 5-4-07 at Chain Reaction
Posted May 22, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


I wanted to go to this show because I know the guys in The Actual and Over It. And both of those bands are a lot of fun live. Everyone else in attendance was there to see Self Against City for the most part. I didn’t even know they were playing.


I got there right about the time The Actual was starting to play. I met these guys at a photo shoot with Karl Larson (Velvet Revolver’s photographer) and now I try and make it out to there shows when they are in town. They are signed to Softdrive Records, which is Scott Weiland’s record company, and they are currently on tour with Velvet Revolver and they were just a featured artist on These guys have a lot going for them, so check them out. The night before this show they opened for Velvet Revolver at the Avalon in front of thousands of people and then tonight they played for a couple of hundred. And they loved every minute of it. These guys love to play their music and it shows in their performance.

The next band was Everybody Else. I had never heard of them, but all the other bands were talking very highly of them, so I wanted to be sure and catch their set. They definitely were worth it. They are a 3 piece band and play dancy rock. The crowd loved them and they are worth checking out.

Over It was the next band. If you guys haven’t heard of these guys, you better look them up on myspace. They are so much fun. They played a great set, though it sounded like the sound was too low. I think the sound guy needed to turn up the volume on the mics. Despite sounding a little quiet, they put on a great show. It looked like the crowd had fun and the band had fun, so that is all that matters. These are nice dudes, so be sure to check them out. They are planning on recording some more songs this summer, so keep an ear out.

The headlining band was Self Against City. I was not too familiar with this band. I think I had only heard one song of theirs before this show. The crowd was definitely excited to see them, so they must be doing something right. They definitely put on a great show and were fun to watch. If you like poppy rock, you would probably like these guys.

Take care and God Bless!

Chad “the Flash” Sengstock



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