Taxman, Sam XL, and Breakage @ Samurai Sundaze

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Nov 14, 2007, by MELODY.


Genre: Electronica;
The ceiling crumbs were falling down on us Sunday night at Samurai Sundaze with the Pure Filth crew's grimy sounds of Dubstep. The Professionals were bringing it down with some sick Dubstep at their new spot Nacional in Hollywood. Nothing like a little bit of Dubstep and Drum and Bass to finish up my crazy weekend.

When I first arrived I have to admit that I was tired as heck and not sure if I was going to be feeling this party, but the new spot changed my mood quick style. I was really diggin' the dark red lights and Cuban graffiti wall portrait. It seemed to really set that laid back kind of feel for the night.

There were a mess of DJ's that spun at Samurai including; Tony K, Magi, Breakage, Pablo Hassan, Sam XL, and the headliner Taxman. For most of the night our eardrums rumbled with some 2-Step, up-tempo funky sounding Dubstep. For those of you that have never heard of Dubstep, (most people haven't so don't feel bad) it basically sounds like slowed down reggae. It has heavy bass and syncopated drums to a darker sound. If you're really interested in hearing it, you can go to


Most of the night the DJ's spun this new style of Dubstep, but a few DJ's kicked us down with some grimy, dirty sounding Dub that brought me to my feet. Resident DJ's Breakage and Sam XL were my favorite DJ's of the night bringing the heat with some floor stompin' tracks. The Pure Filth crew kept it nice and filthy for all of us grime lovers.

The nights end brought the Dubsteppin crowd a little surprise from the U.K.; Taxman. The crowd went crazy as soon as he picked up the tempo and threw some Drum and Bass on the decks. As soon as those sounds made their way through my ears, I was on that dance floor faster than you can say "Who's your daddy?" Now I enjoy my fair share of Dubstep, but what is close and dear to my heart is Drum and Bass. This was my favorite part of the night, and a great way to close out my weekend with some good ol' DNB for my ears!

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