Static X/Prong @ Mr. Smalls Theatre 8/15/12

Written by dbuzard

Concert Review

August 15, 2012

Noise Revolution Tour featuring: Static X, Davey Suicide, and Nine Electric

Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale PA

Every time I think I’m going to hang up the black t-shirt and earplugs and officially retire from concert going, something comes loudly along and keeps me in the game. The Noise Revolution Tour came through Pittsburgh last night bringing the promised noise (but not much revolution) to Mr. Smalls Theater. Last night’s show featured performances by Davey Suicide, Nine Electric, and was headlined by Static X. Prong was listed on the tour literature but signs outside of Mr. Smalls informed attendees that Prong would not be part of tonight’s noise. Maybe they were off starting a revolution or something.

If you’ve never checked out a band at Mr. Smalls, get your badself down there as soon as possible. The converted church makes for a great venue. The interior is open and the sound quality is just next to excellent. There are two very well stocked bars inside and you can grab something to eat there too.

The first up for me and my photographer/wife was Davey Suicide. Davey is the singer and leader of this five piece band. Musically tight and visually cohesive (like the New York Dolls dipped in black and served with a side order of meth), DS did a good job in the unenviable task of being a support act. Their sound melded Dope, Wednesday 13, early Marilyn Manson, and just a touch of the Motley’s into a punchy mix. They did play one Emo soaked ballad too many (which would be one) for my liking and it sounded like they were forced to do it.

The next band out of the shoot was Nine Electric. I dug these cats right away and kept trying to put my finger on why they sounded so familiar to me. After a skull session with my wife (who is never wrong) we realized that the fireball fronting this band was former Opiate for the Masses singer, Ron Underwood. Ron, or ‘Thunderwood’ as he is known now, is a classic ringleader styled mouthpiece! Like Billy Idol or Alice Cooper, Thunderwood keeps everyone in the joint focused on the stage. Nine Electric have a tight punk/industrial vibe that is all about the big hooks and scream along choruses. All four of these guys look and sound like rock stars and their EP is slammin’.

Static X hit the stage and immediately cranked the volume and the BPM way the hell up. This is the band that, for me, fully realized the metal meets industrial potential if the late 90’s. It’s hard to find a band to compare Static X to, and that’s a good thing. Other bands have come along and sounded like Static X but that niche has really always been Wayne’s world. Plus, Wayne Static sounds like Satan’s auctioneer. He can rapid fire articulate syllables as quick as Sean Davidson can blast out kick drum beats. He of the hair that will not be tamed looks like he is having a blast too. He knows if you want to see a Static X sounding band, you are going to have to see Static X. There was no particular CD release to be plugged on this tour so the songbook was kicked open. There was plenty of material from Wisconsin Death Trip right through to Cannibal. A selection from Pig Hammer, Wayne’s solo disc was also on the song list. A top notch band and a couple stage performers that looked like a cross between USDA prime strip club talent and voodoo priestess’s kept bringing the old school, evil disco at a breakneck pace. The crowd loved Static X; bouncing, slamming, X’ing, and singing along with every word of every song. If the size of the audience has diminished a bit over the life of Static X, Wayne can be sure that he has never lost that truly rabid fan base and the loyalty they have to his band. You keep it up, Wayne Static!


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