So Cal Rock @ Khourys 3/16/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Mar 17, 2007, by Meesh!.

Last night's chain-full of events including thrity-four different bands set the scene for an amazingly good time. Hitting it off at 5:00pm until early morning at 2:00am, three stages were set for each different genre of music: funk/rock, metal/hardocre, and rock/alternative. March 16th was not just a night of big crowds, lots of people and music, it was also full of wild fun, psychadelic-ness, and chaos. Bands like "The Insouls," and "The Gypsies" truly set the stage for great funk and rock meshed together to create a wonderful sound filled wit spunk and energy. The kind of music that makes you want to dance for hours on end without taking a break. And that's just what people did. A performance by a popular progressive rock band called "Dragged Below" also performed that caused a huge crowd as well as a commotion. With their high toned singing, low and fast rhythms, this band really got the crowd going. Time had run out for "Dragged Below," and yet the crowd wanted more. They even blew out one of the amps, and also managed to make it through into winning over thr crowd. All in all, the night was full of energy, filled with people of all ages, just looking to have a good time with friends and family. These "Music Nights" are every Friday starting around 5/5:30pm located at Khourys Restaurant on 110 N Marina Drive in Long Beach. Come out to future shows and have a good time!

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