Smokin Mirrors 12/8/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Dec 8, 2007, by Will Gabriel.


Smokin Mirrors is a psychedelic rock band from local Santa Ana. Their style is something you would not expect to hear now a days and it sound good. They express a very exciting amount of energy in their music, to connect with people. I hate bands that take themselves way too seriously, so it awesome to see that these guys have a great sense of humor.


Smokin Mirrors is really a band you have to see to get the full experience. They are amazing live. Now don’t get me wrong, they have good recordings, but you can’t beat a live show. Their fans are the most dedicated fans I have seen for a local band, they bring a whole new meaning to DANCE PIT.


To prove my point I brought my friend along to watch them without having any knowledge of them. I wasn’t sure if he would like them or not but he ended up being blown away. “I thought I was just going to see another crappy local band, but I came out a fan!”-Daniel Goldberg

Enjoy these great guys!!

Smokin Mirrors

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