RX Bandits - And The Battle Begun

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Mash Down Babylon Records)

If you're one of the few and unfortunate that have never heard The RX Bandits and therefore dismiss them as a mere "Drive Thru Records" band or even worse, as "just another ska band that missed their time" you are very much mistaken. This band is much more reminiscient of The Police or The Mars Volta than Reel Big Fish or New Found Glory. This record picks up right where their 2003 album "The Resignation" left off. "And the Battle Begun" shows the band countinue to seamlessly and effortlessly fuse progressive and experimental rock, ska, reggae and punk into one big epic sound, with urgent sounding vocals and complex melodies that'll keep your head spinning for days. The band as a whole still continues to incorporate numerous instruments, including their horn section, into their songs. Which on this record, the formerly prominent brass, are placed precisely where they need to be, delivering perfectly subtle accents to the albums jaunty progression. Also one might recognize that this record was released independently through their own record label, as The Rx Bandits most likely grew tired with the beauracracy and control of their former label, Drive Thru Records. This newfound independence is well captured on "And The Battle Begun," seeming a lot more relaxed and determined then any of their previous efforts.


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