Roosterhead (Punk)

Written by rickmurder

Posted Aug 17, 2010

Guitarist: Shawn Manyhorses (la cota tribe) age 25
Drummer: Luke Johnson age 25

Original origin South Dakota
Current location Huntington Beach California

Since the band has moved out here to California they have decide to sever musical ties to South Dakota and create Roosterhead. At the battle of the bands I had a chance to speak to these gents for a brief amount of time outside of the noisy venue. First I started off with “why a two piece band?” Shawn replied; “we tried finding other people to join and it just ended up the two of us, which seems to be working out very well.” Since them starting Roosterhead and living in So Cal they have managed to already have played 17 shows within 2010 and have many more on the way. While I was speaking with them I mentioned how they remind me of butt hole surfers and nine inch nails. Shawn replied with a light chuckle and “wow that’s awesome!” Which lead me to ask “what are you influences?” Both Shawn and Luke started to list multiple bands. “The Beatles, Tom Waits, the Beastie Boys, the Minutemen, Sonic Youth, the Flaming lips, Cake, old punk, and lots of 80’s”. I asked what type of bands do you mostly play with considering that its hard to find bands that match your style exactly. Shawn replied, “Mostly punk, we really enjoy playing with them.” I asked have you tried booking with bands that do sound like you; they replied “yea but we do just fine playing with punk bands.” At this point they had to finish loading their gear into the car I had a blast talking with these guys very humble and knowledgeable of what style they want and sound they want to generate which is the key to success in some sort in the music industry. I would recommend if you ever get a chance to talk to them you wont be disappointed and if even get a chance to see them live do it.

Contact info:
(605) 520-0994
Or even here on search roosterhead



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