Pachamama, Dub 8 @ House of Blues Sunset 2/21/08

Written by Matthew M

Pachamama, Dub 8 @ House of Blues Sunset Feb. 21, 2008

Posted Mar 2, 2008.

Featured Artists: Dub 8; Pachamama (Estela); Genre: Reggae; Ska;
February 21st’s show at the House of Blues was titled ‘Latin Fusion’ presented by Rick Ortiz. A number of bands played throughout the night however I was only able to catch the sets of Dub 8 and Pachamama.

Dub 8

Dub 8 is a ska/reggae band out of Pico Rivera, CA. I had never heard Dub 8’s music before watching their performance however I was able to immediately catch on to their flow and identify the essence of their originality. Dub 8’s set included songs that transitioned from sick ska rhythms to slower paced reggae tempos accompanied by soft soul-style vocals. The band’s instruments include trombone, trumpet, tenor sax, percussion, drums, bass, and guitar. Dub 8’s schedule includes a number of upcoming shows, check their myspace and website for specific dates. I really hope to catch another one of their shows soon.


Pachamama went on soon after. Pachamama’s set lasted for about an hour, after which, they were asked to play one more song. The entire set was absolutely seamless with fluid transitions between songs. Pachamama’s style is that of deep-rooted ska and reggae backed by enough originality to only be described as an experience. The band consists of members Daniel on drums, Joe on bass, Marcos on percussions, Ben on backing vocals and percussions, Fessor on sax, and Memo on guitar and lead vocals. Each member’s dedication to their instrument is displayed throughout their performance. Memo and Ben’s vocals are incredibly dynamic and powerful. Daniel and Joe set the pace for each song with entrancing drum beats and bass lines. Memo’s guitar complements this backing rhythm with commanding yet elegant reggae strumming and melodies. Ben and Marcos on percussions further cultivate the instrumentals to create an overall enchanting sound. On top of this, Fessor lays down powerful sax leads which complete the essence of Pachamama’s instrumental originality. I definitely recommend making it out to one of their shows. Keep an eye out for their upcoming CD which Pachamama is currently in the process of recording.

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