OPM - For the Masses (Reggae/Hip-Hop)

Written by rickmurder

OPM - For the Masses
Posted Jun 14, 2007

This cd is great. It has some of the older feel to the band but it still delivers true sound. it makes me wanna roll in a cadilac all over so cal, were the band is based out of. I would recomend this cd to anyone that enjoys to drop the top and just cruise by the beach these cats definently make me wanna do that. the cd has the mix of hip hop and reggae, with very deep bass that will tickle any sub woofer around. The cd has some interesting songs one that sticks out is called "horny" and the lyrics go "if your horny and you know it clap your hands" clap clap clap. Would i reconmend it? Yes i would i have had it in my cd player almost everyday.



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