Never Shout Never - Indigo

Written by marinakarenbauer

Never Shout Never
November 13, 2012
Sire Records

“Indigo,” the latest album by Never Shout Never, is the perfect 1960's party album. The trio, consisting of Cristofer Drew Ingle, Taylor MacFee, and Hayden Kaiser, decided to drop the record with Sire Records November 13, and not a day too soon. It was much awaited, and highly anticipated for good reasons. Sticking to the romantic writing style that Never Shout Never is known for, they managed to tie in tones of Classic Rock and Roll, Folk, Ballads, Reggae, and Electronica.

With eleven songs, ranging from 2 minutes 31 seconds, to almost 5 minutes, the album is around 36 minutes long. Notice a great coincidence? That's around the perfect timing for a morning commute or half hour lunch break. It's what I did for every day this week.

Track 6 on the album, titled “Lust,” quickly became a favorite for me. It starts off with a brass line and what has to be hand drumming. By the time Drew comes in, his voice smoothly flows into all of the cracks with just enough reverb and echo to make you shiver.

Anytime I listen to this album I get a sense of nostalgia that I can't shake. It really reminds me of Ryan Ross when he fronted The Young Veins. The album really brings back the smiles and warmth of summer even as we head into late fall. It's the perfect feel-good album, and “Indigo,” very well may replace my evening hot chocolate this Winter.

A skype interview with Cristofer Drew is posted in the interviews section. Their is both a written interview and video.
Check it out. :)

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