Naked Aggression - Heard It All Before

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 1, 2006, by Andrew Ridley.

Genre: Punk;
The name says it all. Heard it all before is a compilation album covering the bands entire existence, beginning with tracks off their last album from 98, and ending with their original demos from 91. Heard it all before is 27 tracks in length and consists of a few songs off every album, plus there are the original demos. If you have only heard a few songs from them, then this album is definitely something you should look into. It is a fantastic introduction to the band, and even includes a music video you can play on your computer. There are so many great songs on here, most everything on here is great. Naked Aggression is a female fronted punk rock band based in Los Angeles. Most of their songs are politically and socially motivated. "my old man,30 years at the same job, ill tell you what he's got, he's dying with regrets" - the gut wringing machine. They Heard it all before is available on SOS records.,



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