My Thoughts In Color - Self Titled EP

Written by marinakarenbauer

Genre: Punk Rock
Featured Artist: Luke Oxendale
Release Date: December 12, 2012

My Thoughts In Color, a self titled EP dropped on December 12, 2012 with Hence the Scar Records. With two current members, this band is anything but dropping away anytime soon. The Grove City natives plan on releasing a new album this year and are currently in the studio right now. Their self-titled EP has a great flow to it, and really brings back punk-rock to 2013. For anyone that likes Sum 41, Blink 182, or older Green Day songs, this EP is for you.

With seven tracks, the EP is roughly twenty minutes long, and gives off a lighter Sum 41 vibe. Though the vocals border punk-pop, the music has a rock heart. Being young definitely has an advantage for this band. Their album still has the youthfulness of a teen, energetic and melodic. Even though the EP has that, members Daniel Trotter (vocals) and Ricky Glenn (Drums) bring a certain element of maturity to it as well. Whether it be from losing two members due to personal reasons or the fans that continue to support them (rightfully so), this band is a powerhouse that brings the daily struggles of a young band's hardships to life.

The EP starts off with the track “Stealing Coffee Signs,” a punk-rock anthem to get you pumped for the rest to come. Another notable track is, “Broadcast To America.” It tells the story of a broken relationship because they are chasing their dreams. This song includes something really interesting; parts of the song are spoken as if reaching out to you. This really makes the song pop to a new level.

As in any great album, this EP has a slower song to bring you back from all of the hype. That song is “Purple.” This instrumental track is probably my favorite off the whole EP. Only a great band can write a song without lyrics, and it have just as much effect as one with. They do just that.

This EP features Luke Oxendale on the second track, “Everyday,” and whether you are young or old, this band has a song for every mood. My Thoughts In Color may be young, but they are definitely a band to watch out for. Even if they only have two members right now, the music speaks for itself. AsTrotter and Glenn continue, they can only continue to go up.

Track Listing
1. Stealing Coffee Signs
2. Everyday, featuring Luke Oxendale
3. Broadcast To America
4. CJO
5. Purple
6. Time Well Wasted
7. Lost In Lights

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