Miss Leota - If Your Life Was an Abacus...

Written by Big Smile Staff

Miss Leota - If Your Life Was an Abacus, I Wouldn't Count on it

Posted Sep 1, 2007, by Meesh!.

I strongly reccomend getting a hold of this album or going to one of Miss Leota's Shows.

One word. Vigorous.

1. "Indirectly Direct"- Already in its intro, the song starts off powerful and picks up itself
with energy and vocals comes in. The singing is full of rage and powerfull emotion. I have no idea what theyre saying but thats the type of style of singing's fault. The song just sounds real angry like hes pissed off about something. The breakdown is pretty cool defiantely something you could bang your head to. This song is just plain outright awesome with its beats changing a lot and is a 6:49 song.

2. "These Spectacles I call A Spectacle"- The beginning ot this song is really fast with a speedy drum beat to keep up to. Later it slows down a bit but then already your body is ready to move around to this song. It's definately a song you to mosh to. I'ts awesome. The beats of this song are the main things that keep you hooked to it.

3. "The Downfall: My Last Goodbye"- Start off with a speedy intro, cool drum beats, everything
all combined into this really cool song. An awesome guitar riff is thrown in there and immediately a breakdown just sounding great and full of power. I just really wish I knew the lyrics to these songs aha..."you're gonna die..." Then the singer talks with the music"This is my answer.." So basically a song about going to end your life I suppose? "I want to watch you burn..."..The song is awesome, just awesome! If you're angry just try listening to this song! There's a neat part of the song a little after the middle of it too.Later on, some deeper growls with the singing...its pretty intense.

4. "May 22nd"- This track just sounds important in the beginning like its about something
serious. Thats just the feeling I get from it. There's an amazing guitar solo that comes in and its really a suprise when it comes in. It's so full of emotion and energy its just like if a guitar could scream this is what it would sound like. Just sounds like a really serious song.

5. "Regret Without the R"- Song already just sounds like someones really pissed off about
soemthing and is ready to put it in someones face. Feels like its one of those songs everyone
of you and your angry friends can join on in if everyone was together and angry and could all just sing along in eachothers face. This song is really powerful.

6. "Sweets Never Been So Seven"- Intro is very differrnt than any other song on this cd..
This song is just very diferrent than all the other songs on this album actually..atleast thats what it seems like in the beginning till later in the song and as it ends. It still keeps that angry yelling singing voice though. Still very thrashy definately not as intense as some as the other songs at some points...Actually some clean vocals a true real first on this cd. But dont worry it goes back to its normal self..song is really awesome the transitions in this song are really cool. It's filled with a huge wide variety of different sounds and ties itself together in one really awesome diferent sounding song. Its awesome

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