Mikoto @ The Alley

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 22, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


I wasn’t planning on going to this show because it would have been my third show in a row, but I didn’t make it to my show on Friday due to a wrong address, so I figured I would go checkout Mikoto on Sunday. I only went to go see Mikoto because I wasn’t really planning on doing a review for this show I just wanted to see them. Plus, we are in the mist of NHL playoffs, so I wanted to watch as much hockey as possible before going to the concert. So I am sorry to the opening bands for missing their sets. It was a pretty slow night at the Alley. Not many in attendance. But those that were there had fun. Mikoto were a lot of fun to watch. Since it was such a small crowd, Mikoto felt like they were at a practice with their close friends and just had fun. They play melodic hardcore so if you are into that, you should check them out. I met Kelly, the bass player, after their set and found out he has his own clothing line called Burn This Forever. He has some pretty sick designs. I am always amazed at how much music inspires fashion, and that punk/hardcore and hip-hop/rap are probably the most influential music genres when it comes to fashion. It’s been that way since those genres were growing up in the underground scenes. Enough with my tangent, Mikoto is worth taking a listen to.

Take care and God Bless!

-Chad “the Flash” Sengstock



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