MiGGs - insOmnia

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jun 1, 2005, by Josh Snider.

Genre: Alternative;

MiGGs (from San Francisco, CA) is a fortunate band, fortunate because they are making it to the top. Being on tours such as the “Virgin College Mega Tour” and opening for bands like Cake, Gomez, Kid Rock, and Aerosmith. Their first album sold ten thousand copies without a record label to back them up! The band has recently signed on with 33rd street records.

I love the music on this CD, but I also love how they made it. The album was recorded in parts, as they wanted to do it themselfs at first (just like “Anyway”, the first album). But after realizing that they wanted to get more out of the recording, they turned to Gavin MacKillop (Goo Goo Dolls, Barenaked Ladies, Sugarcult), his people said NO, and so they where going to go with Ken Lewis. At the last minute Gavin called back and told them he would work with them. So they canceled the flight to NY and went to LA to record with Gavin. The album took about a month because Gavin is crazy in the best way and showed the guys how the tracks lay down and work together. After Gavin got sick and couldn’t work for a month (while MiGGs was just twiddling their fingers) the band went on to write “Suddenly Wonderful,” ”Maybe,” and ”Perfect.” They decided to record the three songs with and old friend and renowned studio guy, JC Convertino. Soon after, Gavin was ready to mix and finish the album. The band is glad they waited until early ‘05 instead of the big holiday season (when a lot of bigger bands release albums).
Needless to say the album is about insomnia. Since they wrote most of the songs suffering from insomnia, in the late nights and early mornings. If you listen to all fourteen tracks you will get a feel of it. Ten p.m. is “Suddenly Wonderful,” anything can happen at five a.m. so “Maybe” is the song for that. MiGGs isn’t trying to teach you or change the world with their lyrics, instead they want to connect with you and how you are feeling and thinking. They are just guys writing about relationships with parents, girls, friends, and band-mates, it’s all in there.

You can buy both MiGG’s albums on iTunes and some Tower Records locations, but always at towerrecords.com



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