Lives of Famous Men - Rehearsal

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 17, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Indie;

The new 4 track EP from The Lives of Famous Men “Rehearsal” is 4 tracks of catchy foot tapping music. Rehearsal is a great fusion of acoustic and electric pop rock, the random anthem like choruses shows the bands willingness to experiment and try new things, but at the same time they keep there roots as pop punk that Lives of Famous Men are known for. Sometimes his voice reminds me too much of Panic at the Disco but everything else is there own, and it’s all congenial. My two favorites off this EP are “After the Party” and “You’re Everyone I Know Right Now”. The lyrics definitely left me wishing for something with more substances it really didn’t matter because Lives of Famous Men are just a fun loving band who are hear to put smiles on your face. If your looking for some good old pop punk I say pick up Lives of Famous Men you will not be disappointed.

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