Le Face - 1/4/2008 live @ the clinic

Written by Big Smile Staff

Le Face, Shoot it Up, straight forward, The Contaminators @ The Clinic

Posted Jan 6, 2008, by Erik.

Genre: Punk; Punk; Punk;
I saw a couple songs from Shoot it Up, straight forward, two piece punk rock, fun show. Didn't catch enough to really say..
Then was the Contaminators, probably my favorite of the night, very murder city devils, quavering vocals, good riffs. they were the most well polished, but didn't put on the best show... Just the singer seemed to be really into it, while the other musicians were too focused on their guitar/drums............. Great music though.
Then came Le Face, a very good overall band, they put on a show, got into it on stage, and were musically talented. Sort of a surf/punk/craziness band. They had a very good response from the audience, and they got into it themselves. The last band of the night failed to introduce themselves. Wore black masks. Went over the top crazy trying to have fun.... Or make up for lack of talent? Not sure. I couldn't tell if they were just really high, drunk, didn't care, or were just in the band for fun, rather than to actually entertain or bring a message forth.




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