Jungle For Yo Mama!

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 14, 2008, by MELODY.


JUNGLE FOR YO MAMA!!!! Good eats, good tunes, good times!! It was Sunday afternoon; I had the shakes because I needed to be injected with some Drum and Bass. I guess you could say I have a problem. Hello my name is Melody and I am addicted to Drum and Bass. You know I’ve tried to kick the habit, but there is just something about that bass that gets underneath my skin and makes my blood pump. I decided to get my fix this week with JUNGLE FOR YO MAMA.


The fellas from Q N Krew hosted the event at Orange County’s Evocal; the spot for emerging artists to show off their talents through art, clothing, jewelry, and music. The vibe that night was eclectic with urban sass. The main event of course was the music, but Q N Krew brought out some local Graffiti artists to create a visual masterpiece, and keep the crowd busy as they mowed down on some BBQ.


Orange County local DNB DJ’s made it down to entertain bass addicts such as myself that afternoon. Q.45, Mike G, Demeter, and Steady ripped up the decks spinning some of my favorite old DNB tracks. The speakers blew up with everything from Liquid to Ragga. It was satisfaction for our ears, eyes, and taste buds. Watch out for Q N Krew’s next party coming soon; Dubstep for your Daddy.

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