Inhale Exhale, Showbread, Project 86, 7-6-07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Inhale Exhale, Showbread, Project 86, 7-6-07 at the HOB in Anaheim
Posted Aug 7, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


I went to see Showbread because I have been going to their shows pretty much ever since they started venturing out here. Plus, I know them and they got me into the show. I was also excited to see Inhale Exhale. I got their CD from a friend and it was pretty good, so I was stoked to see them live. It is also good to see Project 86. I remember going to their shows way back in the day, so it is always fun to see what they are up to these days. This tour is to support Project 86’s new album, Rival Factions, out on Tooth and Nail Records.


Inhale Exhale was pretty good. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I would certainly go see them again. Showbread was amazing. I usually see them in the smaller venues like Showcase, Chain Reaction or the Alley so it was a real treat to see them on the House of Blues stage. They rocked that stage. I hope to see them play more venues like the House of Blues. Project 86 has changes their sound over the years. It’s not surprising because I am sure they are much better musicians than they were when they first started as a band. Bands evolve. They played some new songs off of their new album and they sounded pretty good. It makes me want to go pick up their new CD and give it a listen to. Andrew is still a great frontman and is a blast to watch. Project 86 is still a solid band and definitely worth supporting. Check them out. After the show I hung out with Showbread backstage and met Andrew from Project 86. It was a great night.


Take care and God Bless!

Chad “the Flash” Sengstock

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