Hopefield, Over It, Rufio (last show)...

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Hopefield, Over It, Rufio (last show), June 1, 2007 at the Glass House
Posted Jul 12, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


Obviously I am a little late on writing this review, so it may be pretty brief. At least I got some good photos to go along with it. I went to this show mainly to hangout with my friends from Over It. I usually try and go to their shows whenever they play locally. This show was bigger deal than I thought because it was Rufio’s last show in California. I have definitely heard of Rufio, but I had never really listened to them. So it wasn’t necessarily a big deal to me, but the nearly sold out, if not sold out, crowd was certainly there to celebrate the band’s last effort.

Hopefield was the first band I photographed. They were very enjoyable and I got to meet Mark, their bass player, and he was a nice guy. They are definitely worth checking out on myspace some time.

Over It was next. Obviously I am a fan of theirs. They are a very energetic live band and put on a great show. I thought this set of theirs was one of the better ones I have seen. It seemed like the energy level was even higher than usual. These guys have been very supportive of me, so I urge you all to go check them out and show them some support as well.

Rufio, of course, was the last band of the evening. I wasn’t really sure what to expect not really having listened to them before. I had seen one of the member’s new bands, Science Fiction Theater, and really liked that, so I thought it would be similar. It wasn’t really all the similar. Rufio is definitely a little more energetic. They actually put on one heck of a show. They were giving it their all and the crowd egged them on by going nuts themselves. I left the photo trench after about the fifth time getting kicked in the head by crowd surfers. I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I went backstage and hung out with the guys from Over It for the rest of the show. When my band plays its last show, I hope it will be like Rufio’s last show, because it was pretty amazing. It was one big party backstage after the show. I got home pretty late that night.

-Chad "the Flash" Sengstock

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