Hit Me Back - Life (hardcore)

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 26, 2010, by Marc.

Featured Artists: Hit Me Back;
Genre: Hardcore; Punk;

Hit Me Back comes strapped with 13 songs of positive Hardcore Punk in their 2005 release on Refuse Records entitled “Life”. This group from South Los Angeles thrashed the California Hardcore Punk scene from 2002 to 2008, and toured nationally and internationally. Hit Me Back is well known for their anthem type songs, positive lyrics, and high energy performances. Their sound is aggressive, catchy, and motivating! Try thinking 7 Seconds, Life’s Halt, or Scholastic Deth and you will have a good idea of where these guys are coming from. “Life” is a well crafted musical masterpiece that will please fans of positive Hardcore Punk alike.

Humble tones of acoustic guitar play in ambience to introduce the madness that will ensue with the first song “The Brudes”. The track can be described as thrash type punk that melts perfectly into a punk rock sing along chorus. Hit Me Back shows appreciation for their friends and fans with words like “friendships should never fade away” for the sing along chorus. Further, just when you think the first track is over, another few verses emerge out of the silence where the guitarist sings to a furry of aggressive drumming. The fourth song on the album entitled “7th Heaven Ain’t Got BARNICLE on Friends” is a lighthearted sing along that attests to the bands humor. Track number six which is called “We Are The Children, We Are The Future” is an amazing song in both its lyrics and musicianship. The song features guest vocals by Daisy from Degrading Humanity who rips through the track with her amazing vocal delivery. The songs content focuses on the socialization of children as they grow to adults, and how that process can become tainted by negative influences. Words such as “children imitate what they’ve seen all their lives” speaks volumes to our obligation as parents or future parents to set the right example for the next generation of mankind. Hit Me Back drives that message forward by saying “don’t let our problems fall on them”. The tenth song on the album is called “The Priest”. It addresses the bands disdain for religion, and how they feel they have been lied to through religious beliefs. In particular it focuses on the role of the priest who is responsible for spreading fear in the name of religion.

In my opinion this album will follow me and hopefully others as we grow old because it will remind you of what is important in life. Hit Me Back’s words are simple but completely relevant. Additionally, their method of delivering a positive message speaks directly to the punk rock generation which will need guidance from our music as we combat the world that faces us and generations to come. If you have never heard or listened to this band, you are slipping! Get up now and be inspired.



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