Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 11, 2007, by Rybread.


Hey Mercedes is band hailing from Wisconsin. They unfortunately broke up back in 2005, but I decided to let ya'll know a little bit about them. On vocals we have Bob Nanna of one of the greatest bands of that time, Braid. They were signed to a great label, Vagrant Records, in which they were able to release 'Everynight Fire Works.' Being on a label with such acts as Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio and Dashboard, kinda puts them up against some strong counterparts. With melodic rock riffs and amazing vocals, Hey Mercedes is basically the total package. Bob Nanna's voice is very emotional and soothing with back-up vocals that compliment him very well. 1-2 Minute long break downs and intrumentals make you want to rock out! 'Eleven to your Seven' and 'Let's go Blue' are a couple tracks I really recommend. If you're a fan of Saves the Day, Hot Rod Circuit or Dashboard Confessional, then this a band that YOU should be listening to! Seacrest Sucks! Rybread out.
Track List:
1. The Frowning Of A Lifetime
2. Every Turn
3. A-List Actress
4. The Slightest Idea
5. Eleven To Your Seven
6. Que Shiraz
7. Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
8. Haven't Been This Happy
9. What You're Up Against
10. Quit
11. Let's Go Blue

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