Goodfellas Mixtape by Indigenous Roots

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 19, 2007, by Miss Bianca.

This is the first album I’ve heard from Indigenous Roots and being mega honest, I’m not disappointed. With track names like “It’s War” and “Revolutionary Matanza” I was ultra excited to hear what it was all about. The Goodfellas Mix tape starts off with a phrase from the movie The Goodfellas and it fit perfectly. As the album continues there’s an obvious sound of rawness. It’s something fresh and addictive. Each song has a story to it and keeps your attention. It’s a great sound. Indigenous Roots have collaborations w/ FDUBS Bruclks such as “Furious Anger” and “Cream of the Crop”. These tracks were clean and ultra real. This group spits nothing but the truth. Indigenous Roots is from South Central Los Angeles. This album is definitely hard.

This album samples music from ultra great bands like Wu-tang Clan and Pink Floyd. The best thing about Indigenous Roots is that they have very strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to speak on them. They stay true to what they believe in and it shows in this album! It's four different personalities brought together to make one mega good album! My favorite tracks would have to be “It’s War”, “Lyrical Smoke”, and “Cream of the Crop.” Although all of these tracks are from sampled music the lyrics are far from sampled. Their lyrics range from being political to spittin’ about puffin’ or even freestylin’ about their passion for music and their city.

The group Indigenous Roots consists of Berb One, Brown Plague, JV tha Ace, and Konphez one. Straight from the streets of South Central Los Angeles this group delivered an ultra good album worth listening to more than once. If raw, real, and uncensored hip hop is your scene, than I highly recommend this album. To be perfectly honest, even if hip hop isn’t your get down, I still recommend it. It’s that good and it’s only part one. The Goodfellas Mixtape pt. 2 come out on October 12, 2oo7! If you’d like a copy of The Goodfella Mixtape pt. 1 hit up Indigenous Roots myspace page and let them know!



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