Fun Times with Shitty People - EndAnd

Written by Sky Fisher

Artist – EndAnd
Album – Fun Times with Shitty People

I've been attempting this thing lately where I listen to music outside my comfort zone of pop punk, post-hardcore, and country. This has led me to punk rock – after all, I listen to its watered-down pop counterpart, I might as well experience the real thing.

This is where EndAnd comes in. They're a punk rock trio from Brooklyn and, I must admit, it was song titles like “Fck You Congresswoman and Your Sht Staff”, I was intrigued and, after listening, I was impressed.

As you may be able to tell from the title, “Fun Times With Shitty People” holds nothing back. In true punk rock fashion it is bold and opinionated, both in lyrics and sound. Of course, there is a political message (anti-message?) throughout the album but particularly in “F*ck You Congresswoman...”. I love the blatant honesty and, well, they have a point. It was definitely my favorite track on the album.

Overall, I enjoyed “Fun Times with Shitty People”. It's not something I'll listen to all the time, with the exception of a song or two, but I'm glad I gave it a shot and I'm sure those who typically listen to punk rock will appreciate the album more than I am capable of doing at this point.

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