Frightened Rabbit "The Winter of Mixed Drinks"

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 10, 2010, by Michelle Bettencourt.

Featured Artists: Frightened Rabbit; Genre: Indie;

When Frightened Rabbit first announced the release of their third studio album from Fat Cat Records, "The Winter of Mixed Drinks," I am ashamed to say I immediately thought there was no way they could top 2005's "The Midnight Organ Fighter," an album that blazed with concentrated lyrics, melodic hooks, and scruffy vocals that were too good to be true. From the opening line in "Things," the album's opener, I knew that this album would not diappoint; and better, left me with the prospect of finding yet another gem of an album from Scotland's scruffy and innovative indie rockers. The album's first single "Swim Until You Can't See Land," is a bright and lively track that showcases lead singer Scott Hutchinson's Scottish accent beautifully. The lyrics are more encouraged than the prior album, which featured more melencholic language. The album as a whole is filled with hand-clapping, pumping bass, howling and sailing vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and an all together great blend of pop/rock music that fans of The Twilight Sad and Manchester Orchestra will be sure to enjoy. The best part of the album is that it can be listened to from start to finish without any desire to skip any tracks. Tracks that stand out include, "Swim Until You can't See Land," "The Lonliness and the Scream," "The Wrestle," and "Nothing Like You." All and all, this is an ear-pleasing album with a lot of layers and a lot of dynamics.



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