Frantic Taste

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 15, 2007, by Cristal <3.


On Sunday, June 12th a friend of mine suggested that I go and see one of his friends bands called Frantic Taste from LA county. He wasn't sure if I'd like the style of music, yet he was wrong <3. This show took place a local East Los Angeles, CA house which included a second band and 4 DJ's.

Frantic Taste began the party with their Indie/Electronica music, which is starting to make it's way up the music scene. As the four membered group of Frantic Taste were playing, all their fans, also close friends of theirs were up front singing and dancing away to their melodic/70's music barely giving them any space to groove themselves.

After seeing the guys of Frantic Taste, I have definitly have become a fan of their music and recommend to check these guys out if you love to step on the dance floor. I also got a chance to have a little one on one with two of the guys and they are just as amazing as they are musicians. Be sure to check out their webpage for any upcoming parties or you can even book them for your own party.

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