Foreigner At Alhambra Jubilee

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 6, 2008, by Victoria.


On Saturday, August 2nd, Alhambra California hosted one of its summer Jubilees. The Jubilee has become quite popular with the kids, featuring bands such as The Beach Boys, Joan Jett, War, The Bangles, Pat Benatar and Sheila E. On Saturday, when I heard Foreigner was playing I knew I had to get down there! Those who know me, know that I am such a cheeseball for classic rock… and yes, I do have a soft spot in my heart for Foreigner. Well, I was a little upset when we got there because we were late. The show started at 8:30 not at 9:00. But walking in while they were playing “Urgent” I let my worries go. The street was packed. There were so many people crowding around the stage. As soon as I got myself settled in a comfortable spot with an okay view of the band, they started up “Jukebox Hero”. I kept on ROCKIN!! It was so awesome… and then they were done. I wished I could have gotten there earlier… but what is this? An encore performance? NO WAY! Ladies and Gentlemen… Foreigner! Whoo… The crowd goes crazy! Back by popular demand to play “I wanna know what love is”. And of course, the entire crowd was singing. They ended the show with “Hot Blooded” to slam the show with a high note. Seriously, it was awesome! Now I can say “I saw them rock that song!” when we hear it on the radio.

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