Written by Matthew M

Posted Aug 23, 2007

First off, what are each of your names and what instruments do you play?
Brandon, I play bass, keys, vocals, guitar.
Tj. – drums
Willem – vocals, guitar, bass, keys

How long have you guys been playing each instrument and what influenced you to play those instruments specifically?
Tj – out of the womb.
Willem – 9 years
Brandon – 9 years

Do you guys have a website?
No, just myspace.

Where are you guys from and where did each of you grow up?
Los angeles, California.

Where does the name Fim come from?
Portuguese porn pamphlets.

How long has Fim been together and how did each of you meet?
Playing together since little kids. Fim has been together for 3 years.

Do you guys have side occupations other than being musicians?
Student and once employed, currently unemployed STICKS.

What types of hobbies do each of you have besides music?
The three P’s. Pogs, porn, and pu**y.

How would you best describe your style of music?
As if the sun and the moon were making love.

What were your favorite bands growing up?
Aphex twin, radiohead, depeche mode, NIN, Miles davis, the police, Wire, Joy Division, blur, pusherman, james brown, Sly stone , funkadelic, Mclusky, Crime, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, the beatles, Jesus and mary chain, cure, spiritualized, spacemen 3 and the list goes on...

Which bands do you think have had the greatest influence on your style of music?
Miles davis.

How often are you guys playing shows?
We Play LA as much as we can.

What are some of the best shows you’ve played?
Knitting factory, the roxy, safari sams.

What are some of your favorite venues?
The Greek, the echo, Knitting factory , henry fonda, Avalon, Wiltern, El rey.

Do you guys have any upcoming shows?
Viper room sept. some Friday.

Does Fim have any albums or are you guys working on any albums that we can check out or look forward to?
Definitely look forward to a life time of jams that you and your childrens children will rock to.

What are you guys currently doing to promote yourselves?
Playing shows. This interview.

What can we expect from Fim in the near future?
The end of music as you know it

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