Feel the Fall

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 17, 2007, by Meesh!.

Feel the Fall

Jerry: Lead guitar & bg vox
Brandon: Second guitar & bg vox
Dave: Main vox & guitar
Mike: Bass
Jamin: Beats

This album is basically filled with songs about a few things a guy goes through with a girl. It has its moment of softness and yet moments of a bit heavier sounding tunes.

The first song titled "Fever" introduces us with a soft intro with a small simple lick behind it. It then starts to breakdown into something more with a big heavier background over it with some soft lyrics talking about clouds and stories. Lyrics include, "Is this the end?...I need to see the light.." Soon after a nice higher guitar lead in the background makes for a positive sounding song. "It's a side, a side we'll never see...there is no tomorrow...when I feel you head in my hands.." are some more lyrics that are part of the song. It then gets quieter and a cool classic rock sounding guitar solo with some distortion brings the song to an end.

The second song called "Hope" has a really easy to listen to intro and sounds very nice. Lyrics include "come on over baby, tell me what's your name...hold your hand out baby I wont take you far, all I need is time it wont take them long..take my hand and lets go for a ride I'll show you the world and everything in it..I'd give you my heart if you'd give me yours but you cant give me your time anymore.." Basically saying that a girl feels like she would give her heart to a guy if he just made time for him. Then the music gets softer with a simple tune to it with some mellow guitar in the background. The mood of the song seems sad but also somewhat hopeful. He keeps saying "keep hope alive" and then the song breaks down into a solo with some distortion and multiple riffs going on all at once and the song ends "keep hope alive."

The third song titled "On My Own" begins with some higher lead guitar notes and then progresses into a verse with lyrics explaining that he has nt been where he is now for a long time. "It took two seconds to see the light, wont you take me in your arms?.." He explains how he is driving down a road and feels free and that as he drives, he realizes he can make it on his own. There is a nice solo that make you feel real positive as well.

"You Can't Exaplin It" is the fourth song which starts off with a really nice acoustic intro with some electric guitar behind it. There are no drums at first but then some singing in the first verse begins with, "you want it, you need it, you have it, you've got it but you cannot exaplin it to me.."...and then a chorus progresses, "I go down in flames when you're the one to balem I dont need your games, it's always the same..." Then a beat comes in very faintly and the song ends with a high noise of electric guitar that disappears at the end of the song. The mood of the song seems like this person was feeling sad with some disappointment.

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