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Posted May 20, 2008, by Will Gabriel.


Genre: Pop; Punk;
Saturday May 10th was the Eudora CD release show! This was by far their funniest show lately. They let the crowd go a little while before entering, building up the tension for the band to enter the stage. They have grown and come together so much as a band this past year. They have gone through many changes and yet they are still going strong. They always have a great response from the crowd, and everyone was singing along to the songs. They have really started to make their live shows stand out between the fog, special light effects and keeping the crowd involved. It was a great show and one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while. The boys of Eudora were joined by local bands A Thorn for Every Heart, Scarlet Grey, Burning Tree Project, Lunar Fiction, and Scream in Silence.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the whole show so I only have pictures for these 3 bands.


Extra words by Josh Snider.

My brother and I showed up at the venue, I wearing the newest EUDORA shirt, and Jonny participating in the "Make a Eudora shirt contest." We came to the show stoked to see Scarlet Grey, Burning Tree Project, Lunar Fiction, and of corse Eudora.

Good ol' Ben Grey was helping us get into the show, but unfortunatly we missed the first band Scream in Silence. From outside they sounded great, and seemed like, if their was a warm sweaty croud standing in front of the stage... they were enjoying every ounce.

So we grab some hot dogs and soda, and can't forget a free shirt from the VANS SHOES tent they had setup. We got inside and Burning Tree Projekt was about to go on. My perspective was a little different for this band, because I heard they were a different sounding band with hardcore, rock, and rap. From what I heard, the misture didn't always go together. I WAS WRONG ABOUT A FEW THINGS. BTP was a great band to see and almost reminded me of Everdae, they were nothing like I expected and met every expectation my ears had. I would love to see these guys play again and maybe become a fan (you never know).

Than Scarlet Grey came on, and the dance floor was pretty packed. They played my favorite songs, all of us fans were singing along... it was a great time. This is when I saw my good friends Will and Jackson, both from the band Zero Feet Away, and Will is a photographer for Big Smile Magazine, so I asked him if he does the photos, if I can add some extra words. I even got to see some other old friends I havn't seen in 5 years, and that was an unexpected treat. SG played their set, and played it well. With hits from their myspace (that everyone knew), and some off their latest album. Every show in LA or OC that has Scarlet Grey on the bill, I try my best to attend. They are great on stage, they love their fans, their music is a great mix of indie with punk and pop-punk influinces, and you should be in the croud as soon as you can see them next!

A Thorn For Every Heart came on and the crowd just keept getting thicker. ATFEH sounds like melodic indie rock with punk influinces. I enjoyed their sound for it being the first time I have seen them. I am inclined to get their CD and even go to more of their shows.

The moment we have all been waiting for... the venue was pitch black, and the whole place was packed with every fan chanting "EUDORA" "EUDORA" as it echoed thru the hallway backstage they came on stage. Their stage presence and some of the effects they have added to their live shows are both impressive. The pictured below explain what I meen perfectly, if only you where there and could hear them. Be sure to listen to parts of their latest album on and read my Album Review, than go ahead and buy a copy.

Lunar Fiction than played a good set. I have seen Lunar Fiction before, and they are a great band to hear live. I have also heard them on 106.7's KROQ Locals Only.

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